Luffing Tower Crane Product Details

Luffing Tower Crane


  • Maximum lifting capacity : 5~25 tons
  • Maximum working radius : 30~60 meters
  • Maximum free height : 32~46 meters
  • Maximum height : 125~210 meters
  • While parked, the boom interference radius can be minimized
  • Mast section is common with POTAIN or LIEBHERR models
    Equipped with AI / VFD control to ensure fast and stable operation


When construction site space is limited, and traditional tower cranes could not operate without interference, the luffing boom crane can meet the hoisting needs.

The luffing boom tower crane can change the working radius and lifting load capacity by changing the elevation angle of the boom, to minimize interference. They are particularly suitable for use in crowded urban areas.

ModelJib Length (m)Max Load (t)Tip Load (t)Free Height (m)Max Height (m)Mast Section Type
Hot-selling Models: LF3020; LF4015; LF5023
  • Types of use schemes :
    Stationary ; Chassis weight ; Traveling Chassis ;Internal climbing
  • Power supply specifications :
    220V/60Hz; 380V/55Hz; 400V/50Hz; 440V/60Hz
    Special requirements are welcome
  • Paint thickness : 140μm
  • Paint type : UV-resistant; weather-resistant polyurethane
  • All ladders and platforms : hot-dip galvanized
  • Electric control system :
    AI control, VFD control, ordinary speed control

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