Tower Crane Parts: Mast Setion & Anchorages (Wall Tie)& Fixing Angle(Base Anchorage)

Are you looking for Tower Crane Compatible Mast Section / Anchorage Frame ( Wall Tie  )/ Fixing Angle(Base Anchorage) ?

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Mast Sections Available from Stock

We provide:

Potain‘s full range of mast sections, anchorage frame(wall tie),fixing angle(base anchorage),chassis frame : S24, L46A1, L44, L48A1,L68A1, L68B1, L68B2, K2,L69,L69B2

Liebherr‘s full range of mast sections, anchorage frame(wall tie),fixing angle(base anchorage),chassis frame : HC88, HC90, HC120, HC132, HC154, HC170, HC200, HC256, HC290

Comdeil‘s full range of mast sections,anchorage frame(wall tie) ,fixing angle(base anchorage),chassis frame: H20A, H20B, K439A, K639A

Otherwise, fixed mast section from mainstream Chinese factories, such as: SANY, ZOOMLION, XCMG

L46A1 Mast Sections Available From Stock

L46A1 Mast Sections

L68B1 Mast Sections Available From Stock

L68B1 Mast Sections

Potain L68B1 Foundation Mast Section

L68B1 Foundation Mast Section

Potain S24 Mast Section Stock

S24 Mast Sections

Potain L46A1 Mast Section Anchorage Frame-Wall Tie

L46A1 Mast Section Anchorage Frame
(wall tie)

Potain L46A1 Mast Section Simple Anchorage-Wall Tie Frame

Simple Anchorage Frame for L46A1 Mast Section
(wall tie)

Tower Crane Fixing Angle-Base Anchorage

Stock Fixing Angle
(base anchorage)

tower crane Fixing Angle-Base Anchorage

Fixing Angle
(base anchorage)

FOIN Semi-finished Products Mast Section

Semi-finished Products Mast Section

L68B2 Mast Sections

L68B2 Mast Sections

L69B2 Mast Section

L69B2 Mast Sections

Liebherr 132HC 154 Mast Section

Liebherr 132HC 154 Mast Sections

L46A1 Semi-finished Products Mast Section of foin tower crane

L46A1 Semi-finished Products

Details of Sandblasting Mast Section

Details of sandblasting mast section

Chassis Beam Design

Chassis frame

Liebherr Fixing Angel-Base Anchorage

Liebherr Fixing Angel
(base anchorage)

Semi-finished L46A1 Fixing Angle-Base Anchorage

Semi-finished L46A1 Fixing Angle
(base anchorage)

Details of Mast Section

Details of Mast Section

Mast Sections Holes Boring Equipment

Mast Sections Holes Boring Equipment