Construction Elevator & Hoist Cage Product

Construction Elevator/Hoist Cage


  • Lifting weight range : 1000kg~3200kg
  • Maximum lifting speed : 33~96m / min
  • Maximum working height : 210~320 m
  • Cage size : 3.0m x 1.5m x 2.2m / 2.4m , or customized on request
  • Reduced vibration during high-speed operation, through CNC machining of the position of the guide wheel


We produce construction elevators for building passengers and construction materials, which are efficient, stable and safe; while being quiet, impact-free, and easy to operate. Special purpose elevators can also be custom built. The drive mechanism and AI / VFD control system are comparable to European models.

ModelHC 20/33HC 20/46HC 20/54HC 20/96HC 27/63HC 32/54
Speed(m/s)0 ~ 330 ~ 460 ~ 540 ~ 960 ~ 630 ~ 54
Motor Power(kw)9.6 / 139.2 / 1613 / 2318.5 / 3213 / 2313 / 23
Dimension of Cage(m)3.0x1.5x2.2/2.4
Dimension of Mast Section(m)0.65x0.65x1.5

Hot-selling Models: HC20/33; HC20/54; HC32/54
  • Types of use schemes : Vertical ; Curve
  • Power supply specifications :
    220V/60Hz; 380V/55Hz; 400V/50Hz; 440V/60Hz
    Special requirements are welcome
  • Paint thickness : 140μm
  • Paint type : UV-resistant; weather-resistant polyurethane powder
  • Bottom Enclosure : Punched galvanized steel / aluminum sheet
  • Mast section ; wall tie ; ladders : hot-dip galvanized
  • Electric control system :
    AI control, VFD control, ordinary speed control

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