What Sets Us Apart From Most Chinese Product | Procurement Guide

What Sets Us Apart From Most Chinese Product | Procurement Guide

Foin has been adhering to the principle that goods can also be produced in China meeting the spirit of European craftsman

Steel structure part (more details)

1. Foin uses the design drawings synchronized by European mainstream manufacturers for production.

2. Foin uses rare gas shielded welding instead of traditional carbon dioxide gas shielding to make weld-seam more beautiful and smooth.

3.The pre-fabricated welding grooves of all parts are processed by machining process, and the welding quality is better.

4.All pin holes ≥25cm are processed by boring process, and the smoothness is guaranteed to be within 3.5, which guarantees that the contact surface is uniformly stressed. It will not be loose for 10 years, and it will not deform ellipse.

5.We use the post-weld machining process for all structural parts such as the plane bearing mounting surface of the upper and lower slewing table, the mounting holes of the slewing mechanism, and other integral structural parts to ensure that the true workpiece size is consistent with the design drawing size so as to achieve true interchangeability and versatility.

6.All structural parts are sandblasted after welding to remove scale and rust to ensure the adhesion strength of the paint. The spray thickness is 150Um. Use the same brand paint as POTAIN‘s factory in China

FOIN tower crane European Technicians
L46A1 Semi-finished Products Mast Section of foin tower crane
All Welding Parts Prefabricated Groove by Maching
Pin Hole Boring Process
upper Slewing Bearing Seat Machining by CNC
Tower crane Primer with Boom

Electronic control system part (more details)

1.The AI-assisted frequency conversion control system realizes the digital precise positioning of hoisting, slewing, and trolley.

2.It can be set at a slow speed to meet the precise adjustment operation

3.We have automatic compensation of reverse operation to reduce amplitude of hanging load shakes during the trolley start up

4.It adopts the latest European cab design, all of which are made of cold- galvanized anti-corrosion steel plate, durable for 10 years, spacious and bright, better visibility, electric wiper, industrial texture appearance. Hidden air conditioners are more beautiful.

Tower Crane AI and VFD Control System
tower crane AI Limitation Sensor
Tower Crane Automobile Sheet Metal Technology Strong Anti-corrosion

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