Tower Crane Technology Highlights: Superb Steel Structure Parts Process Feature

What sets our craftsmanship apart

  • Machine chamfered edges on steel plate components ensure welding consistency and quality
  • Pin hole boring limits roughness to less than 3.5, ensuring the contact surface is smooth and the force is evenly distributed. No looseness in pin connections even after 10 years of use
  • Machining after welding to ensure accurate dimensions of the structural parts. Large-scale CNC machine tools integrally process the mounting seat ring and mounting surface
Semi-finished Welded Tower Cranes Structure
Foin tower crane Packed Tower Cranes Boom Unit
Finished Tower Cranes Products
Finished Lower Slewing Table Product of tower crane
Assembled Trolley of tower crane
Foin tower crane Semi-finished Welded Tower Cranes Boom Connector
All Pin Holes' Boring Process
All Welding Parts Prefabricated Groove by Maching
FOIN tower crane European Technicians
Tower crane Primer with Boom
Potain L46A1 Mast Section Anchorage Frame-Wall Tie
Finished Tower Cranes Cap Unit with Slewing Bearing
140μm Paint Thickness
upper Slewing Bearing Seat Machining by CNC
Foin tower crane Semi-finished Welded Luffing Cranes Upper Slewing Structure
Fish Tail Connector of tower crane
Hot-dip Galvanized Tower Cranes Platform with Ladders Quick Coupling of tower crane
L68B2 Mast Sections
L46A1 Semi-finished Products Mast Section of foin tower crane
Mast Sections Holes Boring Equipment
Details of Sandblasting Mast Section
Pulley With Crane Boom End
Pulley Block With Crane Boom
Detail From Pin With Hole
Cranes Pin With Locking Piece
Foin tower crane Semi-finished Welded Tower Cranes Boom Structure
Foin tower crane Semi-finished Welded Tower Cranes Cap Structure
Semi-finished Welded Tower Cranes Jacking Beam Structure
upper Slewing Mechanism Seat Machining by CNC
L46A1 Mast Sections Available From Stock
tower crane Fixing Angle-Base Anchorage
L68B1 Mast Sections Available From Stock
Potain L46A1 Mast Section Simple Anchorage-Wall Tie Frame
Colored Zinc Pins
Fish Tail Connector for Potain Mast Section
Pin Hole Boring Process
L46:L68 Mast Section Pins of foin tower crane