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FOIN TOWER CRANE is committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective construction lifting equipment to most developing countries. Our distribution network covers 18 countries. In the face of increasingly globalized market challenges, we have been committed to developing a business structure and after-sales service that can respond globally.

OUR OBJECTIVE : To be an effective choice for your project and provide effective localization solutions.

External hammerhead tower crane 6015-8T

Hai Duong Industrial Park
Constrexim JSC-Hanoi/Vietnam/2007

topkit tower crane 5513-6T

CCPIT Building
Constrexim JSC-Hanoi/Vietnam/2011

Internal climbing topkit tower crane 5513-6T

     National Petroleum Corporation
Incomex Construction Hanoi/Vietnam/2008

External flattop tower crane erecting

 An khanh Community
Songda25 JSC-Hanoi/Vietnam/2012

Hammerhead tower crane M900-50T

Thermal Power Plant
New Delhi/Indian/2006

Topless tower crane TL8522 25T in UAE

Ruwais Refinery Complex
Abu Dhabi/UAE/2016

Hammerhead tower crane TK6015-8T

  Sky Park Residence
Thanh Hoa Construction Group-Hanoi/Vietnam/2016

Topless tower crane TL8522-25T

SFC Xie Xin Complex Chong Qing
Leasing Company-Chong Qing/China/2014

Jeonju Korea Project
OEM for Trader-Jeonju/Korea/2019

luffing tower crane 5023-8T

OEM for Trader-Korea/2016

Derrick crane 3023-10T

OEM For Trader
Bangkok/Thai Land/2018

Luffing tower crane 4015-6T

Citadines Bay Front Nha Trang
Nha trang/Vietnam/2017

FOIN Derrick crane

OEM for Trader-Thai Land/2019

Jib pole:Stiff leg derrick-1830

OEM for Trader-Thai Land/2018

FOIN Derrick crane DC4038 in Philippines

OEM for Trader-Philippines/2019

traveling chassis foin tower crane

OEM For Trader-Ukraine/2009

Luffing tower crane 6025-16T

OEM for Trader-Korea/2017

Construction elevator cage 2T

Urban HH2 Xuan Mai Duong Noi
Xuan Mai JSC-Hanoi/Vietnam/2014

Flattop tower crane TL6020-10T

OEM for Trader-Korea/2016

Hammerhead tower crane 7022-12T

National Petroleum Corporation-Thanh Hoa Branch. Songda25 JSC-Thanh Hoa/Vietnam/2013

FOIN Topkit tower crane assembly

Tra Giang Bridge
473 JSC-Thai Binh/Vietnam/2012

FOIN Topkit tower crane erecting

Ta Vinh BridgeA / National Road No.14
473 JSC-Quang Nam/Vietnam/2012

FOIN Topkit tower crane 6515-10T

Red River Bridge A
473 JSC-Phuc Tho/Vietnam/2013

Hammerhead tower crane 6010-8T

Viet Huong Urban
HUD4 Construction-Ngo Gia Tu/Hanoi/Vietnam/2008

hammerhead tower crane TK5015-6T

Songda Construction Corporation Headquarters Songda25 JSC-Hanoi/Vietnam/2006

External Hammerhead tower crane service for power plant

Cua Dat Hydropower Station
Songda25 JSC-Thanh Hoa/Vietnam/2007

Internal hammerhead tower crane 6015-8T

National Petroleum CorporationB 
Incomex Construction-Hanoi/Vietnam/2008

Luffing tower crane service for narrow project

CCPIT Building B
Constrexim JSC-Hanoi/Vietnam/2011

FOIN Topkit tower crane 6020-12T in power plant

Ta Vinh BridgeA / National Road No.14
473 JSC-Quang Nam/Vietnam/2012

FOIN Topkit tower crane installed in water

Tra Ly Bridge 473 JSC-Thai Binh/Vietnam/2015

FOIN Topkit tower crane service for bridge IN VIETNAM

Red River Bridge B
473 JSC-Phuc Tho/Vietnam/2013

FOIN Topkit tower crane 7022-12T

Viettel Mansion
HUD4 Construction Company-Ha Tinh/Vietnam/2009

FOIN Hoist cage 2T

Urban HH2 Xuan Mai Duong Noi B
Xuan Mai JSC-Hanoi/Vietnam/2014

Hammerhead tower crane worked in water.jpg

Dong Quang Bridge 
473 JSC-Ba Vi/Hanoi/Vietnam/2015

Hammerhead tower crane 5613-6T

Resident Community Nha Trang
OEM for Trader-Vietnam/2016

Topless Tower Crane-6015-8T

Bao Dao A Hoa Binh Construction Group-Bai Chay/Ha Long/Vietnam/2018

Hammerhead tower crane H3 36B

Middle East Region/2015

Topkit tower crane Traveling chasiss type in Russia

Resident Community
TTK Construction/Russia/2008 

Topkit tower crane 6015-8T Stationary type in Hanoi Vietnam

Sky Park Residence A.
Thanh Hoa Construction Group-Hanoi/Vietnam/2016

FOIN Topless tower crane 6015-8T in Vietnam

Iris Garden.
Songda Industry JSC-Hanoi/Vietnam/2017

Topless tower crane 6015-8T

 Bao Dao B Hoa Binh Construction Group
Bai Chay/Ha Long/Vietnam/2018

Topless tower crane TL6515-10T

OEM for Trader-Korea/2017

The first project of Foin tower crane

Songda Construction Corporation Headquarters B Songda25 JSC-Hanoi/Vietnam/2006

FOIN Flattop tower crane TL7022-12T

OEM for Trader-Korea/2018

Derrick crane 4038-16T

OEM for Trader-Malaysia/2013

Customize 3060-6T tower crane

Helicopter Training Camp
Vietnam Air Force-Gia Lam/Hanoi/Vietnam/2011