Make Deal With Foin Without Language Barriers? | Procurement Guide

Make Deal With Foin Without Language Barriers? | Procurement Guide

Yes, absolutely! In major markets, we have professional sales man who can speak your native language to ensure smooth and accurate communication. It is possible that he or she comes from your hometown.


1:Foin has sales assistants in your hometown. Not only do they live in the local area, they also speak the same language as you, and they are proficient in tower crane knowledge. They will implement things within the scope of FOIN service.

2: Foin has local agents in some target market country. They not only have the advantage of local native language, but also have professional tower crane skills and knowledge. The agent can not only guarantee accurate communication with you, but also can visit the customer’s construction site to solve the problem of abnormal operation of the tower crane in time.

3: Regarding the contract agreement, Foin plans to write two versions of the contract after the two parties confirm the price and delivery time of the goods, the first is the English version of the international common language, and the second is the client’s native language version. To ensure foolproofness and prevent semantic ambiguity.

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