Derrick Crane & Jib Pole Technical Specification Details

Derrick Crane / Jib Pole / Stiff Leg Derrick


  • Easy and fast installation
  • All units can be transported manually after disassembly (heaviest component weight : 210 kg)
  • AI / VFD control to ensure stable operation
  • Maximum lifting capacity : 4~16 tons
  • Maximum working radius : 18~40 meters
  • Maximum working height : 320 meters


These are suited for internal climbing tower crane disassembly, and other hoisting after tower crane removal. They can be used without counterweights. Disassembly of the roof derrick crane and jib pole crane can be performed manually; components can be transported through the building elevators. They are also suited to specialized construction projects.

ModelJib Length (m)Max Load (t)Tip Load (t)
Hot-selling Models: DC1830; DC3023; DC4038
  • Types of use schemes : Roof deck
  • Power supply specifications :
    220V/60Hz; 380V/55Hz; 400V/50Hz; 440V/60Hz
    Special requirements are welcome
  • Paint thickness : 140μm
  • Paint type : UV-resistant; weather-resistant polyurethane
  • All ladders and platforms : hot-dip galvanized
  • Electric control system :
    VFD control, ordinary speed control

Our procurement guide

foin Derrick crane & Jib Pole
Derrick crane 3023-10T
Derrick crane 4038-16T
Jib pole:Stiff leg derrick-1830