New Website Online Notification

New Website Online Notification

Hi there !

Foin Mechanical Equipment Co, Ltd  has experienced 15 years in the tower crane industry,since the company was established in 2006.Thanks for your long-term trust and support!

In order to serving customers better and learning about products more conveniently and quickly. Through more than two months of meticulous design and preparation by our designer team, the new official website of Foin was officially launched at 20:00 on September 19, 2020. The products, services and brands have been comprehensive upgrade .

The new website is:

The new version of the website integrates and improves certain content of the original website. In terms of layout, the home page has 8 navigation sections, each section has clear functions and rich content, which is convenient for you to quickly obtain the information you want to know; in terms of design, the website design different languages and visual styles for better visual and browsing experience.

In addition, adjustments have been made to the company’s team development, product update series, website registration modules, etc, which can further play the role of overseas market’s promotion and communication, so we can provide better services for our customers.

The new website is still improving, in order to do better, if you have any comments and suggestions, please leave a message or call : +86-28-87316918 / 87382340


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