TK6015-8T & 10T Technical Specification

FOIN topkit(Hammerhead) tower crane selects steel materials strictly in accordance with the technical specifications. The selected steel materials such as Q235/Q355 meet the requirements in terms of chemical composition and physical properties. Besides, we only use cold drawn seamless steel tube.

1,Machine chamfered edges on steel plate components ensure welding consistency and quality
2,Pin hole boring limits roughness to less than 3.5, ensuring the contact surface is smooth and the force is evenly distributed. No looseness in pin connections even after 10 years of use
3,Machining after welding to ensure accurate dimensions of the structural parts. Large-scale CNC machine tools integrally process the mounting seat ring and mounting surface

1,AI frequency conversion control
2,Accurate positioning according to the programed height and radius
3,Millimeter-level speed operation feature to control hoist, trolley and slewing, for precise hoisting of large structural parts
4,Intelligent control system can compensate for the shaking of the trolley when it is running, and automatically correct it
5,Brake failure backup system
6,Automatically limit maximum speed according to cargo weight
7,Integrated with inclinometer to activate alarm in event of obstacle blocking cargo

Model:TK6015Self-standing height:40/60m
Jib length:60mMax height:160m
Max load:8/10tMast section types:Fixed/split
Tip load:1.5tControl System:AI; VFD; Ordinary

FOIN Topkit/ Hammerhead Tower Crane TK6015
FOIN Topkit/ Hammerhead Tower Crane TK6015-2
FOIN Topkit/ Hammerhead Tower Crane TK6015-3
FOIN Topkit/ Hammer Head Tower Crane TK6015-4